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A New Era in Visual Monitoring and Analytics

The cometMX-360 series, a testament to Machine eXcellence, sets a new benchmark in visual monitoring and analysis technology. This comprehensive 360-degree surveillance solution expertly combines the high-performance cometMX-180 series cameras with the formidable cometMX-6R vision servers, ensuring unparalleled image processing capabilities. With its advanced Hotzone for area incursion monitoring, custom-designed user interfaces, and rich APIs for effortless offboard integration, the cometMX-360 is engineered for those prioritizing supreme surveillance and analytical accuracy. Ideal for diverse applications where safety and operational clarity are crucial, this range epitomizes surveillance excellence and technological innovation.


The Flagship System Transition

The atlasMX system, our flagship offering, has been a cornerstone in advancing visual monitoring and analysis technology. Integrating the powerful tigerMX-5 vision server with the smartMX-180 smart cameras, this system has set a high standard in the industry. However, keeping our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, the atlasMX system has been marked End Of Life, with final purchases available until 30 June 2024.

We understand the importance of seamless transitions in technology. Therefore, we encourage our customers to contact Black Moth Sales for a comprehensive consultation.


Our sales representatives are ready to guide you through a smooth migration to newer, more advanced solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing operations and elevate them to new heights with the latest technology.


This transition is not just about replacing a system; it's about enhancing your operational capabilities and future-proofing your technology investments.

At Black Moth, we are dedicated to ensuring that this changeover is as efficient and beneficial for our customers as possible, maintaining our standard of excellence and innovation.

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